Thanksgiving Pies…


I have five wonderful families in my little preschool.  We have been together for many years and I have been honored to be their caregiver/teacher/very young Granny for several new additions to their families.

This year I want to focus on helping them celebrate and carve out time to enjoy being a family.  This focus led me to the idea of a family pumpkin pie that they could share together either before the holiday crazies began or after the holiday crazies were gone.

The pastry hand print idea was found on Pinterest (oh how I love Pinterest!) and I altered it from being a turkey made from a hand print to just hand prints because most of my families have more than one child.  I wanted to include all the children in each family….a throw-back from my being the youngest cub in my own family….

This seemed like an easy enough adventure….I thought…..

I burned the first pie.  The second pie was baked without any salt because I didn’t read the recipe well enough until the third pie. The third and fourth pies were horrible because I forgot to cook them on a higher temperature for fifteen minutes before turning the temp down to a normal setting.  Who knew this step was really necessary? Obviously I do now…..It is VERY important to let those eggs “set” in a higher temperature in the world of pumpkin pie baking….trust me – not a pretty or a tasty sight….

By the fifth pie, I was a master of the pumpkin until I realized it was now 9pm and was out of the supplies with three more pies to bake…..A quick run through K-Mart was a complete failure.  They had the pumpkin and the evaporated milk all right, but I wasn’t paying two dollars a can when I could run to the grocery and only pay eighty nine cents per can…, off I went to Shop and Save to shop and save.

They turned out pretty darn cute and the leftover pie (pie number eight) that I sampled, tasted pretty darn great too!  I am still patting myself on the back as I type….:)

The hand prints were easy peasy to make. I asked the parents to trace their older children’s hands using any paper they had available with their fingers a smidge apart for me. No explanation was given for why I needed them….they just knew that crazy Ms. Patty was up to something and the next day I had a collection of hand prints to cut out.

Here’s how to make pie crust hand prints:

1] Line cookie sheet with parchment paper.

2] Preheat oven to 350.

3] Roll out a store bought crust onto parchment paper.

4] Place hand print cut outs onto parchment paper trying to get as many prints on as possible. I was able to fit three onto each pie crust.

5] Use sharp knife to trace around hand prints and remove excess dough.

6] Brush hand print with water and sprinkle sugar on top.  (I figured the kids would eat their hand prints, so I added more sugar than I probably should have…)

7] Bake for ten minutes or until just turning light brown on edges.

8] Cool before moving to avoid breaking the hand print.

9] Place on pie that is still warm so it will settle down into the pie.

10] Cool pie at least two hours before putting in fridge.

Very easy peasy…Let me know how yours turns out…:)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Until next time,



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