Bananas for When Things are Bananas


Tears are pretty common in a preschool room.  They flow when tykes are tired, hungry, in a bad mood, lost their favorite toy to someone else, or just fill in a situation that comes to mind.  I expect tears. It’s a high-five day when I have had no poopy diapers AND no tears…..

Today was a high two point five…..I changed one poopy diaper. Depending on who gifts me a poopy diaper, I would much rather have tears all day and just skip the fragrant gift.  Today, I just couldn’t win.  There were tears for half an hour….lots of tears….a boatload of tears…from one tyke, two tykes, two different tykes, and then all three of the younger tykes….I thought I would have to change our name from The Pumpkin Patch to The Snot Patch…

When one cries for more than a couple of minutes, they all feel the need to join in on the chorus.  Today, they must have been preparing for Handel’s “Messiah”…..They would stop for a moment or two and then someone would feel the need to sing another verse….or two…

Half an hour into this chorus, and I realized I was in trouble and needed to pull something wonderful out of my sleeve…and fast….

I needed some magic pixie dust to get the gang back on track, and that’s when I spied the bananas.  We all sat in a circle and I passed out bananas and using the older tykes as bait, I began to exaggerate how very delicious those bananas were.  The older tykes joined right in with my loud “Yuuuummmyyyyy” and “Can you believe how delicious this banana is?”  It worked like a charm.  I have no idea where I would be without my older Mr. W and Miss I…..They are my wing-tykes when I need some extra help with the younger ones.

We sang all the songs we knew and by the time the Itsy Bitsy Spider was back on his spout for the hundredth time, all was well and right with our world once again.  The rest of the morning and afternoon was enjoyed by my typically happy little gang of heart- melters…..

Lesson of the Day:

Sharing bananas and singing songs camp fire style is a great cure for tearful tykes….

Being goofy with the word “yum” and overly dramatic with finger spiders are great tools to have…

Always, ALWAYS keep extra bananas on hand….

Until next time,



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