Evidently, this is my favorite word to use during the day at The Patch…..

I use it with one up-turned eye brow after I just get finished changing a toxic diaper only to hear that another one has just been added to my “to do” list by the same tyke who must have a colon the size of a grape….

I use it with a huge tone of panic when I discover that the diaper wipe box does in fact have a bottom to it…..

I use it with hands in the air when the blocks go airborne yet a zillionth time after I have been on my hands and knees playing blocks with the tykes “the safe way” and I only just got my cracking knees to propel me up into a standing position when those munchkins blank out on my labor of love and teaching….

Today, I said it very slowly as I tried to dislodge one of those thin metal pots from the bottom of a chair leg.  It was stuck….it was stuck good….It was stuck better than Mr. B’s chubby hand in the hollow of his cot the day I discovered dish soap was my new favorite tool in my teacher’s tool box…..

“SERIOUSLY????”  I bet I mumbled it a dozen times before I realized I had an audience of three tykes who all found the sight of Ms. Patty dancing around with one of the green chairs saying her favorite word……funny…..

The oldest one came over to me, put her hands around my leg, looked up at me and said, “Seeeerrrrssleeeee, Paddy!”. The next oldest clapped his hands and said, “rrrrreeee”, and then dramatically placed his head into his hands as if he could figure out how to dislodge the pot and rescue his Ms. Patty. The youngest one grabbed my other leg and let out the giggle that only she can create. 

And, so began my lesson from the tyke teachers today……Perspective……I had allowed my focus to become grumpy because once again they had fit an object into something that it was never made to fit into or come out of….and it was no big deal….

Here’s what the big deal is: I want them to think outside of the box (or metal pan).  I want them to experience more than those silly cartoon teaching posters can teach (do they really teach???).  I want them to gain the confidence and develop the joy of learning and discovery and creativity.  If this is what I truly desire for the tykes at The Patch, then I need to embrace their lesson today of “Perspective” and realize that it was a play chair leg and a play metal pot….

Today I am gifting them more freedom to explore and challenge their ideas using the tools that I have set out for them.  If I truly want them to learn, I will allow them to try out their ideas even if there are things that break or get stuck or get messy…..

Perspective….I hope someday when they are all grown up to have the opportunity to share with them the impact and impressions and lessons they so lovingly and honestly teach their Ms. Patty……

Until my next lesson,




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