Inspired by Color and Joy

I have had the most delicious summer with the tykes at The Patch!  We’ve explored so many wonderful art forms that there’s no way to get all their works and our journey penned on this blog.  I’m starting from our most recent exploration and then will back track to cover our first annual art exhibit in hopes of getting the blog all caught up…..  Fasten your seat belt, the next few blogs will be coming at you with lightening speed!!!

The past two weeks we have been exploring circles.  The younger tykes created a canvas using painted circles, milk caps, milk cap rings, and foam circles.  It is stunning and I’m proud to say that they can all identify the circle shape.


My older tyke created a circle project on his own.  We used a delightful piece I saw at an art fair as our inspiration.  I bought two prints for us to explore: circles and triangles……  This was such a cool process for him.  He chose all the elements, colors, and cut all the pieces.  It took him two sessions, and the final result is more stunning than this photograph can ever relay:

Will's Circles

I’m sharing these beautiful masterpieces in hopes of inspiring you to find your passion as you teach and guide the tykes in your classroom or in your home daycare.  I have been on the most amazing journey since spring 2014, and I feel for the first time, I am finally in my “sweet spot” as a preschool teacher…… Art and nature…. My passion in just two words…..

I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to “be” what I thought a preschool teacher was supposed to “be” and “look like”…..I’ve gone through the typical stages of “letter of the week” and other tried and true preschool curriculum styles. I just never felt like I was “doing” preschool “right”…..  I tended to burn out before we reach the middle letter of the alphabet and it was soooo frustrating and defeating……  I just never felt like the curriculum and I “fit” together…..I know now that I didn’t “fit” with the traditional curriculum…..

So, fifteen months ago, I began to explore the Reggio learning philosophy. It totally changed my focus, direction, and drive.  I have spent the past fifteen months redesigning my space, my supplies, and my day around a nature and art based philosophy that is tied together for a Reggio Inspired approach.  I am totally engulfed….. I cannot put into words how free I feel to explore with my tykes and how much more they are taking on in basic knowledge and in applying in their projects…. I have never been more satisfied or more energized than I have been since last spring…..

I’m sharing this because I want to encourage you if you are feeling out of sorts with your class and your teaching.  I want to encourage you to take some time, and I mean       T-I-M-E to reflect on who you are and why you are in education.

What drives you? What brings you joy as a teacher?  What “trips your trigger”?

These are all valid questions that only you can answer and once you pin point the answers you can begin to address how to bring the joy into your classroom.

Finding your passion will generate a cycle of passion that is passed onto your tykes.  It may still look like a traditional classroom.  It may look totally different.  But if you are finding yourself feeling “Blah” or out of sorts or out of steam, I am asking you to take some time to assess if you are where you want to be in your teaching career.  I’m asking you to think about how much joy you are experiencing on a regular basis and how much of this joy you are passing onto your tykes…..

Teachers give of themselves and their resources more than any other occupation.  We are a special breed.  We are relentless in our desire to make a difference.

We need to learn to take care of ourselves.  We need to find our “sweet spot” in order to not only teach, but teach with passion and drive……When we marry our passion to our profession, our occupation becomes joyful and fulfilling and satisfying…..

Here’s to finding your teaching “sweet spot” and your passion!  Let me know what you discover!

Until next time,



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