The Farm Unit

The Farm Unit is one of my favorites!  I have probably way too many pictures to share with you, so we better get started!  The unit includes a week on apples, and three weeks exploring farm animals, farm equipment and farm food. All learning centers are Montessori designed and once the tykes have been given lessons on how the centers work, they work through the centers independently.  Center time normally lasts about an hour and a half and the tykes are totally absorbed in their activities.  Centers build on higher concepts as the year progresses.

I did not include letter and phonic centers for the sake of space.  These can be found under the tab “Letters”.

Wall displays are always changing at The Patch.  I try to use actual pictures of the topics we are exploring and they are laminated for long life and to protect from sticky  fingers. They may not be reading yet, but by the end of the unit, most can verbally walk through all the information on the teaching displays.

farm 1

Parts of an apple from a pre-k reader that I matted and laminated.

farm 8

Simple farm related vocabulary and language enrichment display.

farm 19

They work through the sounds each animal makes on this display….

farm 5

Learning letter sequence in their first name.

farm  6

Pre-writing page from “Organize September Now” idea book.  It’s been laminated and they use a dry erase marker and a wash cloth for this center.  Sure saves on paper waste by laminating a page or two that can be reused over and over….

farm 6

I try to have at least two “reading buddy” baskets for the tykes to snuggle in our cozy corner with a soft friend and a book….

farm 7

Matching pictures of real tractors with plastic replicas.  I try to use real items as much as possible….

farm 13

Math: sorting apples by size. These came from a teacher’s idea book and I copied them onto colored paper and laminated them. They’ve lasted four years so far…. 🙂

farm 14

Math: Sorting apples by color.  I love my laminator!  The die cuts are from Punky Doodles and the baskets are from a teacher’s idea book.  I added the color names with stickers and then laminated everything…. 🙂

farm 16

Math – graphing animals.  These are mini farm animals, but erasers or milk caps with stickers on them could be used too….

farm 20

A seek and find activity that helps with marking off found items, lengthening focus time, finishing a project, and plus, it’s just fun to find things in sand….

farm 21

Science – Matching where items come from which animal.

farm 22

A group game die – We roll the die and say the sound, name, and other info about the animal that is on top after the roll…..great review tool and fun too!

farm 23

Fine Motor – play dough supplies and everyone has their own baggy of play dough or clay so we don’t spread germs….

farm 24

Puzzles for multiple age and development stages…..

farm 25

Fine Motor – I made these from patterns in the “Organize September Now!” idea book.  They are also laminated and have lasted almost eight years….. 🙂 🙂

farm 26

Our unit take-home page.  They review with their parents the name of the animal, it’s sound and how it is used on the farm.

farm 28

Large laminated apples in the colors we focus on in the unit.  These are placed in our play yard and the children run to the color that is yelled out.  It’s a fun way to burn energy and help with reinforcing colors to color names.

farm 29

Toddler Tub One: animals, farmer and tractor, clear bottle with animals to shake and view and a knob puzzle….

farm 31

Toddler Tub Two: people, stacking cups (only three), wire bead set and two different balls.

farm 9

Directed Reading:  To help with recall, ordering events, reading left to right, vocabulary development, rhyming words, and farm life information.

So…..there’s our farm unit! I can’t wait for September now…. 🙂



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